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Katniss “Mockingjay” | Nov. 2012

I came across this old photo when looking for other stuff. It was taken in the house used for the Everdeen home in the First Hunger Games movie. It was taken by danikhaleesi.


I’m so in love with this fabric!!


Making progress on the Widow today!

Finally got to cut the pieces out for my Cap 2 Widow costume today!


     My friend just shared some cute photos of me in my Jane dress at the costume contest at the El Capitan Theater at the Thor 2 midnight premier. I’m not wearing my colored contacts because I knew they’d be annoying while watching the movie.

     You can almost see the design in my fabric in these, but just barely. Ugh.

Featured in the last picture is Amy as Jane and Kirsten as Sif.

Amazing shot of my Lightning Bolts group by AnimazeGuys Photos.

Featuring from left to right: Elena, Betsy, Me, Sean, Tabby, Caitlin and Rachael.

Rue is a small yellow flower that grows in the meadow.


You guys! The amazingly talented Bethany shot and edited this photo. It’s beautiful!! It’s actually from a whole Jane and Loki set that my friend and I did, so this is sort of a teaser. Once those are up, they’ll be posted.

Dress made by me, armor by Solo Roboto Industries.


Joits shot this on his phone, playing with the app that makes it in slow motion. It came out pretty cool, barring my not-so-great form.



Speaking of Mockingjay costumes, I was tagged in this photo yesterday. I liked it, so I’m sharing it.

Except I hate that you can see my brightly colored phone. Stupid con photos.

Katniss Everdeen “Mockingjay” | Long Beach Comic Con Nov. 2013

More great photos from the little Hunger Games group at LBCC!

Photos by Joits.