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A couple of photos from MegaCon!

Not perfect, but it should do the trick for this Saturday at MegaCon! I can re-do it for Wonder.

Zeroing in! I re-painted my Avengers buckle as I’ll have to use that and my Avengers bites for temp for Mega. I’ll probably also end up re-making my entire belt and “pouches” after Mega as well.

lazyvictorgirl asked:
What are "bites"? Who are you cosplaying?

The stringers that Black Widow wears. That latest picture is for her suit in Cap 2.

Good news is, my bites are looking great! (these are pre-sanded). Bad news is, I don’t have enough time to make all of them before Mega. I’ll be wearing a few temp pieces and missing a lot of other pieces for this con. :(

fire-andd-blood asked:
You're costume is literally the best one I've sign of Black Widow!! You're amazing but you already know that

Thank you so much!! You just really brightened my day. But trust me, there are some other very badass Widows out there. ;)

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After promising WIP pictures of Cap 2 Black Widow yesterday, I got so into the project that I forgot. So here’s one near the end at like 2am last night. There’s still lots to do and I’m worried that for MegaCon next weekend, I’ll have to use some temp stuff. Hopefully tonight I can make the belt at least, but I don’t think I’ll have time to make the new bites. At least I have the molds made, though!

Since I’m doing a LOT of work on my Cap 2 Black Widow suit today, I think I’ll live blog it.

First step, making the bite molds!

Did a wig and make up test for Cap 2 Widow last night!


Look what came in today!! Thank you @peachykiki !!