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Let’s not talk about what happens when Natasha forgets her boots. BUT! A little girl ran up to me immediately to tell me she loved my shoes, lol.


Agent Romanoff, reporting for duty.

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Elvira | Long Beach Comic Con 2010


I think my Cap 2 Widow suit is finally done!


All except for the new Widow logo buckle (which it looks like I won’t be able to have for WonderCon, but it’s ok). Now I just need to finish the new bites and upgrade the belt and holsters! Those things I’ll do after my two events this weekend.


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Cap 2 Black Widow Wig

I’m getting a lot of questions about the wig I used for my Cap 2 Black Widow. This is what I bought and then I cut it and bent the ends with a straightener. I don’t know if the seller is selling more, but I still see some good ones on ebay.

However, I may be searching for a new one soon that parts all the way back. Dunno if that’s possible, though…

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#zbw cap2

claudiarub asked:
Hello! :-) The blue dress from Thor is beautiful! I love it! Do you sell it on Etsy? :-) Greetings, Claudia

Hi!! Thank you very much but no, it’s not for sale. I still wear it to events. :)

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I promised more Natasha Gifs. This was juts me messing around, though. Hope everyone enjoyed Cap 2 as much as I did!!!


Romanoff, reporting in.


I suppose this would be my Disney Bounding Natasha…

Anonymous asked:
Hi Lady S! I was wondering what kind of undergarments you might recommend for anyone trying to do the Black Widow costume- It looks like yoga pants but maybe its a unitard?

Honestly, just wear what’s best for your body type for a regular, tight fitting spandex costume. Yoga pants are a bit much and can be too hot, I think.