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Comics and movies collide!  

Winter Solider Steve Rogers 

And that’s me as Natasha Romanoff!

At WonderCon, all I did in this costume were photo shoots! I don’t want to flood you guys with a thousand picture sets, so I’m going to wait for the best ones and compile them together. For now, here’s a little teaser.

mikebrendan asked:
I'm left to wonder if that one Anon is not trained or unaware how shoes/boots impact the range of kicks...

Well in that anon’s defense, those gifs are NOT a prime example of my form. I did the video late in the day, after I had been holding crazy poses all day long, so my muscles were shot, the wig obscures my vision, the belt and holsters were melted and drooping so I had to use my legs to hold them up and the soles of those shoes don’t allow me to pivot or move on concrete well at all. So many factors and excuses. Those were pretty silly, especially the last one on how I wobble when I land.

But no one can ever make me feel like I have bad form because as I said, I have a state title in forms. I’m a third degree black belt who used to teach form. It’s one of the few things in this world that I know how to do and can do well.

Here’s an example of me in a costume that moves easier, my own hair and practical shoes doing a spin hook kick. Big difference and that was just last labor day. I know what I’m doing but I also know when I’m not doing it the best.

But thank you for your support!!

genevievethewise asked:
Just wanted to let you know about a page on FB called Photos From Wonder Con (written just like that). I've been told that's you with a kick-ass Winter Soldier cosplayer - you both look amazing and deserve the highest of fives.

Thank you for the heads! The compliment means a lot. We both works hard on those costumes, so thank you!!! :)

(Psst, nashcon-castiel)

Anonymous asked:
you have terrible form...

Those shoes were quite a hinderance, but I am a state title holder for forms.

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Black Widow | WonderCon 2014

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Not really a question but I thought I'd tell you that I saw you guys at MegaCon a while ago!! All your cosplays are so amazing and I'm so excited I found your blog :3 keep up your amazing work!!

I’m so glad you said something! Thank you!! I’m assuming “you guys” means me and my Avengers? I love them tons, the whole group (not everyone was dressed at MegaCon). But thank you for brightening my day!

Black Widow (Captain America 2) | MegaCon 2014

Photos by AnimazeGuy Photos
Hawkeye: Thad
Thor: Sean
Black Widow: Me (costume by me)

Black Widow (Captain America 2) | March 2014

Set taken and edited by Greg Larro.

Costume made and worn by me (though this was only Phase 1 of the costume. Upgrades and fittings have been done since then).

AHHH!!!! New Black Widow pics coming tomorrow! The photographer did such an amazing job! I’ve got it in my drafts.

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