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Cap 2 Black Widow Wig

I’m getting a lot of questions about the wig I used for my Cap 2 Black Widow. This is what I bought and then I cut it and bent the ends with a straightener. I don’t know if the seller is selling more, but I still see some good ones on ebay.

However, I may be searching for a new one soon that parts all the way back. Dunno if that’s possible, though…

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claudiarub asked:
Hello! :-) The blue dress from Thor is beautiful! I love it! Do you sell it on Etsy? :-) Greetings, Claudia

Hi!! Thank you very much but no, it’s not for sale. I still wear it to events. :)

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I promised more Natasha Gifs. This was juts me messing around, though. Hope everyone enjoyed Cap 2 as much as I did!!!


Romanoff, reporting in.


I suppose this would be my Disney Bounding Natasha…

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Anonymous asked:
Hi Lady S! I was wondering what kind of undergarments you might recommend for anyone trying to do the Black Widow costume- It looks like yoga pants but maybe its a unitard?

Honestly, just wear what’s best for your body type for a regular, tight fitting spandex costume. Yoga pants are a bit much and can be too hot, I think.

Oops. My Hand slipped.

Obviously these aren’t all my costumes, but I saw some friends making cosplay profiles here, so I thought I’d join. This tumblr account is still my most accurate list of cosplays.

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Jane Foster (Thor 2) | 2013

Just realized that I never posted these ones! The original set can be found here. Photography by Erik Estrada.

WIdow will be suiting up again in two weeks (the 12th & 13th) and again the Saturday after that. You can definitely expect more gif sets!

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Anonymous asked:
I just wanted say your Black Widow cosplay is amazing and that poster style picture is the coolest thing ever. Just a quick question what fabric did you use for it and how did you make the boots? Your work is so amazing and I'm very impressed.

Thank you so much! The poster style thing is something I can’t take credit for. All I did was stand there, lol. Greg Larro did the amazing work on that edit and shot! And he’s got lots more coming. I’m waiting until they’re all done so I can post them at once.

The boots I didn’t make. I had them custom made a couple of years ago by a friend. And the fabric is a four way stretch, pique spandex.