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Black Widow (Captain America 2) | MegaCon 2014

Photos by AnimazeGuy Photos
Hawkeye: Thad
Thor: Sean
Black Widow: Me (costume by me)

Black Widow (Captain America 2) | March 2014

Set taken and edited by Greg Larro.

Costume made and worn by me (though this was only Phase 1 of the costume. Upgrades and fittings have been done since then).

AHHH!!!! New Black Widow pics coming tomorrow! The photographer did such an amazing job! I’ve got it in my drafts.

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WonderCon '14 Line-up!
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Black Widow (Captain America 2) | April 2014

Emerald Knights Comics hosts a movie screening every month or so, and this month was Cap 2. They asked my friends and I to come in costume to help out with trivia and stuff. It was fun!

Anonymous asked:
hi! i'm planning to cosplay the black widow as well but every fabric i've ordered has been a total loss meaning that it's just not good. i was wondering if you could tell me where you got your black widow (captain america 2: the winter soldier) suit fabric from? you'd be helping me a lot! thank you!

I feel bad because I can’t tell you where. I had gone through so many links online that I can’t for the life of me remember which one online I got it from. But search for pique stretch spandex. Pique is what gives you the texture she has. I hope this helps.

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Anonymous asked:
I need you for a mission... (we get to potentially save the world) You in?!



          You know it.

Tally you are the black widow to me now.


though I think you are too damn adorable I couldn’t really picture you horribly murdering people.

but then again that’s what she’d want people to think.

And it’s funny you should say that because that’s actually what I have in common with her. I’m a third degree black belt, state title holder and studied 5 different styles of martial arts. ;)

Anonymous asked:
I need you for a mission... (we get to potentially save the world) You in?!


          You know it.


Let’s not talk about what happens when Natasha forgets her boots. BUT! A little girl ran up to me immediately to tell me she loved my shoes, lol.


Agent Romanoff, reporting for duty.

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